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Libertarian Press, Inc. was established in 1952 by Fredrick Nymeyer, a businessman who understood the true nature of personal liberty, private property, and the profit motive. He offered exceptional books on Austrian economics and the free society. Today, the Press continues to promote Austrian economics and the freedom philosophy in the Nymeyer tradition.

The Austrian School of Economics was founded in 1871 by Carl Menger of Austria. It is based on the concept of subjective value; the fundamental idea that individuals are the decisionmakers in society, always trying to better themselves.

The Austrian School's subjective value theory supports the case for private property, which allows people to trade goods and services for those they want; the Austrian School advocates a market system where economic activity flourishes.

The Austrian School is the "free market" school of economics. With confidence in private property, principles of human action, and peaceful exchange, the Austrians present a well-reasoned theory of economics designed to promote prosperity.

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