Forword by Margit von Mises

Photograph of Ludwig von Mises

I. Historicism

    Extract on Historicism, Theory and History 9ff.
II. Etatism
    Extracts on:
    Etatism, Omnipotent Goverment 22ff.
    Interventionism, Omnipotent Government 25f.

III. The Austrain Problem

IV. The Austrian School of Economics

V. First Writings on The Theory of Money

VI. The Theory of Money and Credit

VII. First World War

VIII. With the Chamber of Commercer

    Prevention of Bolshevist Takeover
    Halting the Inflation
    Avoidance of Banking Crisis
    Struggle Against Takeover by Germany

IX. My Teaching Activities in Vienna

X. Scientific Work in Germany

XI. Further Inquiries Into Indirect Exchange

XII. Systems of Social Cooperation

XIII. Epistemological Studies

    Extracts on Positivism:
    The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science 128ff.
    Theory and History 131ff.

XIV. My Teaching in Geneva

XV. The Struggle for Austria's Survival

Postscript by Hans F. Sennholz

    The United States in 1940
    Mises in America
    His Enduring Monument


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